Postdoctoral Fellowship

If you are interested in working as a postdoctoral fellow with one of our investigators in the division, please reach out to the individual lab. 

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Please contact the Fellowship Program Administrator at

Postdoctoral fellowships through the Division of Metabolism, Endocrinology and Nutrition, are appointed for 12-month full-time positions. Opportunities vary depending on lab space, funding, time, and availability.

Limited funds may be available for non-US citizens, however, the primary funding for these positions comes from the National Institutes of Health which requires applicants to be US Citizens or permanent residents. 

Positions are for research-only activities and do not include clinical training or observerships. Applicants who are interested in clinical experiences should apply through the ACGME clinical fellowship.

Postdoctoral scholars are represented by UAW 4121 and are subject to the collective bargaining agreement.