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We have multiple didactic sessions as part of our fellowship training, and provide protected time for our fellows to participate in these. These are currently offered in person, with a Zoom option for those who are interested in attending but who may be at a different clinical site. 

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Post Clinic Conferences

Post Clinic Conferences at each clinical site review challenging clinical cases, and often discuss the specific challenges of the unique patient populations of each site. Conferences are hybrid, with both in person and virtual options for attendance.

  • UW Endocrine Clinic  Mondays at 5 pm
  • HMC Endocrine Clinic  Wednesdays at 12 noon
  • VA Endocrine Clinic  Friday at 12 noon
  • UW Diabetes Clinic 4th Tuesday of the month at 4:30 pm

We also have multidisciplinary pathology conferences to discuss pituitary cases, thyroid cancer cases and adrenal pathology. These occur 1-2 times per month, and include our colleagues in surgery, radiology, nuclear medicine and pathology.

Endocrine Grand Rounds

Endocrine Grand Rounds are Thursdays at 8 am. Fellows present a Journal Club for the division once per month at this session. Other sessions include research or clinical updates from faculty within our division, other divisions at UW, and nationally known faculty from other institutions.

Fellows Teaching Conference

Following Grand Rounds, we have our Fellows Teaching Conference. These sessions cover important clinical topics as well as those topics commonly tested on the Endocrine Boards.

Every month we have a dedicated board review session to help our fellows prepare for their board exams. We have a 100% pass rate for the last 5 years.