UW Endocrinology and Diabetes Clinical Fellowship

Our Vision

To be a nationally recognized and fully accredited ACGME training program for internal medicine graduates passionate about endocrinology and metabolism.  

Our Mission:

  1. Train the next generation of leaders in endocrinology and metabolism for careers in academics or community practice.
  2. Establish a learning environment that supports diversity, equity and inclusion.
  3. Provide trainees the opportunity to explore the different areas of endocrinology and personalize training to develop their clinical interests.
  4. Encourage trainees to improve the delivery of health care through scholarly projects in basic research, clinical research, quality improvement projects and/or medical education.
  5. Help trainees to achieve their personal goals through education and mentoring in a supportive environment with faculty who are invested in the success of all our trainees.

Our Values:

Clinical Experience 

  • Our trainees rotate across multiple clinic sites with diverse patient populations, providing experience managing a wide variety of endocrine disorders.
  • Inpatient rotations take place in world renowned academic medical centers and provide experience managing a wide range of endocrine complications of surgeries and malignancies.
  • Elective rotations provide experience with evaluation of many outpatient endocrine disorders, including bone, pituitary, PCOS, thyroid nodules, thyroid cancer and inpatient glycemic management.


  • We encourage applicants from diverse backgrounds and training experiences to apply to our program.
  • Our patient population encompasses patients from all socioeconomic strata and those from diverse backgrounds, encouraging trainees to address and work to reduce bias in the healthcare system.

Academic Growth

  • Our program provides opportunities for clinical research projects based on trainee’s interests.
  • Fellows receive support for completing clinical research or quality improvement projects during training to expand medical knowledge and improve the health care system.
  • Fellows are encouraged and provided support to attend national conferences annually.


  • We have developed a schedule which includes a balance of clinical work, self-directed learning, reduced travel and scholarly time to avoid physician burn-out.
  • All fellows are assigned a faculty mentor during training to assist with navigating transitions throughout training.
  • Our faculty are committed and invested to the long-term wellness and success of all our trainees.